National Online Community School

The Online Community School (OCS) is a year-long free online tutoring programme that aims to address the educational attainment gap amongst students from underserved socio-economic backgrounds. 

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This project aims to achieve this goal by providing 1 hour of free tuition every week to a cohort of 100 Year 11 students - switching bi-weekly between Maths and English Language GCSE.

The 4 Key Benefits of the Online Community School:

Consistency – This programme will last for 30 weeks across the year and enable volunteers and students to develop a productive and trusting relationship.

• Year 11 students – Year 11 is arguably the most pivotal year in a child’s educational journey – the grades achieved at GCSE level (especially in Maths and English) will influence the number/quality of opportunities that are open to a student in the future.

Measuring Impact – The benefit of focusing on Year 11 students is that it is possible to track their progress from their (1) Predicted Grade at the start of the year to their (2) Actual Grade at the end of the year - helping to evaluate how helpful the sessions have been for students.

Online – The online nature of the initiative makes it more efficient from a cost-time- convenience perspective for both volunteers and students.